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Introducing the Wonder Mat

Wonder Mat Colorful Interlocking Foam Floor Mats

We Help Provide Safe, High Quality, and Non-Toxic Toys for Children to Have Fun With

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Parent Approved

The kids love to stack these and the water creates a kind of suction so the blocks don't just fall off when they are being stacked. The large blue platform block on the bottom floats very well and parallel. These are made of good quality foam. The toddler isn't able to bite through and ruin the blocks. So far they have survived a 1, 3, 5, and 7 year old, all at the same time.

L. Rotert

I have to say that these balls are not only vibrant in there color but they definitely are crush proof. I stepped on one trying to get across the ball pit and it did not smash in at all.


I got these mats for my cardio work out in my room. Snap on a few pieces and you're ready to work out. It keeps my keep comfortable and the surface is not slippery (even with socks on). I don't sweat much, but if the mats are wet one wipe usually cleans up the mess.