Wonder Quadcopter RC Drone Spare Parts: 4 Extra Blades & 2 Control Sticks

CT-621 Blades and Control Sticks

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Replacement blades and control handlers for eWonderWorld RC Stunt Wonder Drone
Sets of Main Blades- 2 Orange and 2 Gray blades
Sets of Controller Handlers
Each blade is different even if they are the same color.
With Wonder Drone facing you, Gray Blade A(or C) is on TOP LEFT and Gray Blade D (or B) is on TOP RIGHT.
Orange Blade D(or B) is on BOTTOM LEFT and Orange Blade A(or C) is on BOTTOM RIGHT.
For instructions on how to change the Wonder Drones. https://www.ewonderworld.com/instructions/How-to-Change-Wonder-Drone-Blades.pdf

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