fighter jet stunt drone quadcopter and sky patroller stunt drone quadcopter

LED Sky Patroller Quadcopter and Fighter Jet Quadcopter Combo Deal


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BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Designed to be indoor friendly and be able to survive most light crashes.

IN AIR STUNTS - Perform in-air 360 flip stunts with our dedicated 360 flip controller button. The Fighter Jet Quadcopter comes equipped with additional features (360 flip, tornado spin, and take off like a plane).

COOL UNIQUE DESIGN - The Sky Patroller Drone comes equipped with multiple bright red and blue LED lights that makes the quadcopter stand out in low light situations. The Fighter Jet Quadcopter has a unique blue camouflage body design.

STABLE DESIGN - Both quadcopters comes with a 6 Axis Gyroscope for improved flight control and stability.

NEW 2017 RELEASE - Both drones are 2017 released models. They're our latest and greatest! Successor to the RC Stunt Quadcopter 621 Drone.

No. 1 Quadcopter in the United Kingdom! We're also in charge of Research & Development of all the products, safety standards, and importer of all products!

Package Includes

  • RC Sky Patroller Drone Quadcopter
  • RC Fighter Jet Quadcopter
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery per Drone
  • Controller (batteries not included)
  • Replacement Blades
  • Landing Kit for RC Fighter Jet Drone Quadcopter
  • Landing Pad (on box)
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