Non-Toxic (5 Colors) Wonder Mats: 36 Pieces

Non-Toxic (5 Colors) Wonder Mats: 36 Pieces

CT-115 / No Edging

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  • 36 high quality Wonder Mats in 5 colors.
  • Colors are Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.
  • Each mat measures 12" x 12" (inches) covering 36 square feet.
  • It's ~9/16" of an inch thick, which exceeds the minimum protection requirement for children.
  • Passed CPSC standards and toxicity report of 53 substances of very high concern.
  • Made from non-recycled, non-toxic, light weight, durable, and high density EVA foam.
  • Plus our mats use the newest interlocking technology & can last up to 10 years under proper care.
  • Due to nature of foam production colors may fluctuate slightly.
  • Edging option is available.

Edging Description (Optional)

  • Edgings are great for creating a finished look and to prevent tripping.
  • Available in black, blue or white only.
  • Each side piece is 12" long and 4" inches wide.
  • Each corner pair is 16" long by 4" inches wide.
  • Each corner pair creates a perfect 90degree angle.
  • Note: If edging option selected you receive 16 side pieces and 4 corners. (covers a 6ft by 6ft area).
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