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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to a list of frequently asked questions about our products by our customers.


Q: How do I receive my tracking information? 
A: Once your order is shipped, you should receive an email from FedEx informing you of tracking information along with expected delivery date.
Q: When should I receive my order?
A: Your orders are shipped within 48 hours typically it does take 1-5 business days for delivery. For FedEx delivery estimate please see Shipping Information
(Note: This does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska, APO, or PO Box orders).
Q: Are the mats safe? 
A: Yes, the Wonder mats are safe. Our mats have been tested to be non-toxic and comply with all requirements of the American standard Testing & Material, Federal Hazardous substance, and Consumer Product Safety Commission. View reports at ACT Test reports.
Q: How do you clean the mats? 
A: If mats are lightly soiled you can use a mild or non-abrasive cleanser like Windex with a towel to clean them. If mats are heavily soiled we recommend cleaning the mats under thw sink with mild dish washing liquid and a soft brush. Rinse clean, towel or air dry mats completely before putting back.
Q: Can mats be used outdoors? 
A: We recommend mats for indoor use. However, the mats can be used outdoors but should not be left outside for an extended periods. The constant change in atmosphere and temperature will warp, discolor or damage the mats.
Q: Can the mats be cut? 
A: Yes, the tiles can be cut to allow design flexibility. You can use a sharp razor or utility knife.
Q: Can I use Standard mats in a garage under my car? 
A: The weight of a car will quickly wear out the mats and they might not return to their original shape. However, they can be used in the walkways of your garage or other areas.
Q: Which mats are best for a personal or commercial gym? 
A: We recommend our Premium mats for your gym projects. Please be aware any heavy equipment or objects may leave a small indentation on the mats.
Q: Difference between premium and Standard Mat? 
A: Our Premium Mats are denser than Standard Mat. Premium mats are recommended for commercial high foot traffic areas or gyms. However, standard mats can be used for children¡¦s play area, daycares, exercise or workouts like yoga, P90x, and Insanity.
Q: What are Wonder Mats and Wonder Blocks made of? 
A: They are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam.
Q: Are your mats made with Formamide? 
A: No, Formamide is not one of the ingredients for our mats, although it can be a byproduct of any EVA foam manufacturing process. Our mats have been put through rigorous tests and based on fifty-three Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) screening; these tests show that its presence is essentially non-detectable. As one of the industries leader, we have been offering high quality foam products for over 25 years and making sure all safety standards are met. Therefore, we are confident that our Wonder Mats is a safe floor mat option for children. Also, all of our mats are manufactured in Taiwan.
Q: What does it mean to be Formamide Non-delectable? 
A: Our Formamide ND mats were tested essentially to be non-detectable for formamide. You can purchase and view test reports at Formamide ND.
Q: Are Play balls Crush proof and Phthalate Free? 
A: Yes, all our play balls are crush proof, non PVC plastic and Phthalate Free. View our PB Test Reports.


For any quadcopter related questions please refer to Wonder Chopper Quadcopter Instructions Page.

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