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We strive to provide children a fun and safe playing experience by living up to our standards of maintaining high quality and non-toxic products. We even have test reports to back up our product's safety ratings.

Who We Are

For over 30 years, eWonderworld has been successful in the US market and with a warehouse in San Gabriel, Ca. We served as a leading producer of foam products such as interlocking foam mats, blocks, play balls, play tents and felt toys. eWonderWorld is a family centered company and we know that quality counts. We pride ourselves in providing high quality products at the best prices to our customers. Many of our products help to spark children's imagination while helping them develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and recognize size, shapes and colors. We are confident that our products meet and exceed all United States Safety Standards and Regulations. Thank you and we look forward to serving you in the future!

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