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Wonder Mats interlocking foam floor mats are an attractive yet functional approach to any flooring project. They are ideal for kids' playroom, personal workout area, office, basement, garage, or classrooms.

Our Large Wonder Mats comes in a variety of color options to choose from, ranging from the rainbow option which comes in a mixed color option, as well as some listings that focuses on a single solid color, such as blue, black, green, or gray. They're made from a non-toxic foam material, and is easy to clean thanks to its waterproof design, which makes cleaning a mess hassle free.

Our Large Wonder Mats are interlocking foam mats that are 24"x24" in size, and has the same thickness as our regular Wonder Mat foam mats at ~9/16", which exceeds the minimum thickness protection requirement for children. After all, we focus on producing safe, high quality, and non-toxic toy products for children.

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Large Rainbow Playmats (Set of 6)

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