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WonderMats™ - Safe & Non-Toxic

Wonder Mats are safe interlocking foam floor mats that are attractive and functional for any flooring project. These playmats are ideal for kids' playroom, personal workout area, office, basement, garage, or classrooms.

Turn any floor into a softer and safer place to work or play at. Plus, they're also anti-fatigue! Our Wonder Mats come in different colors and sizes. Our play mats come in colorful options such as red, orange, green, blue, yellow, black, white, purple, and gray.

The small sized interlocking foam mats are 12"x12", whereas the large interlocking foam mats are 24"x24". All of our EVA foam mats are high density and has a thickness of ~9/16".

We have lots of reviews on Amazon that you can see by clicking here.

$69.88 $49.88

Large Rainbow Playmats (Set of 6)

$2.88 $1.88

Wonder Mat Side Edging

$5.88 $3.88

Wonder Mat Corner Edging

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