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What Is The Difference Between a Quadcopter vs a Helicopter?

One of the most popular toys on the market today in the RC industry is the famous Quadcopter (or multirotor, multicopter, however you want to call it.) It is like a helicopter, but instead, it has a total of 4 rotors (sometimes more). It's also thanks to camera-equipped quadcopters that people are able to get more interesting aerial footage nowadays. Despite their similarities in some ways, they are very different and each has their own advantages. 

Advantages of a Quadcopter

 When it comes to advantages, there are certain unique areas where the quadcopter excel in where the helicopter falls short on.

  • simple mechanical complexity
  • low maintenance
  • rotors are enclosed so it is protected from most crashes
  • rotors have lower chance of damage due to smaller size
  • safer when compared to a helicopter when a rotor stops malfunctioning because if a helicopter rotor stops, the entire aircraft falls down

Advantages of a Helicopter

 Despite the great advantages that the quadcopter offers, there are still some places where the helicopter performs well in.

  • energy efficient since it only uses one rotor
  • more agile
  • more stable - You would think a quadcopter is more stable at first glance, but really, it's all thanks to the quadcopter's built-in speed and flight controller chips that makes a quadcopter stable. Without the presence of these two chips, a helicopter is naturally more stable than a quadcopter.

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