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What is a Ball Pit?

Jul 14, 2017 0 comments
What is a Ball Pit?

ball pit, also known as a ball pool, is a padded container or pool filled with hollow plastic playballs or ball pit balls measured at around 5.5 cm to 6.5 cm in diameter.

The best way to think about what a ball pit is, is by picturing an indoor pool or large container filled with plastic play balls or specifically, ball pit balls.

These ball pit balls are hollow and filled with air, and comes in multiple colors and sizes depending on where you get them.

Ball pits can usually be found in places such as daycare centers, fast-food restaurants, nurseries, amusement parks, etc. Some people even build their own personal ball pit right in their own home!

Ball pits are especially popular with children, but teens and adults play in them too. 

Did you know? Some college campuses have their own ball pits for students to play in because ball pits can help relieve stress since it's fun. Even some companies that have the luxury to have a relaxation room have a ball pit too!

Although, sometimes people also use them for mischievous purposes, such as pranking their friends, family members, or co-workers by filling their room or space with ball pit balls.

Where to Buy Ball Pit Balls?

You can buy ball pit balls from almost any online stores. In fact, we sell some safe, non-toxic, and high quality crush proof ball pit balls on our online store here on our website which comes in different colors and sizes, as well as unique see-through transparent plastic ball pit balls!

Where to Buy a Ball Pit?

Some people fill a section or their entire room with ball pit balls which acts as their ball pit. You can buy a inflatable pool or something that can keep the balls in one place, and that can be your ball pit. We actually sell playpens and play tents which can act as a ball pit for children to play in, we recommend the play pens though for this usage.

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