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What are Quadcopters Used For?

Aug 18, 2017 0 comments
What are Quadcopters Used For?

With drones and quadcopters growing more popular every day, it's not a surprise that the question "what are quadcopters used for" would pop up every now and then.

Quadcopters are popular across people of all ages. Some drones come with a camera attached to it for photo or video. Other drones don't have a camera but do come with interesting features, such as GPS navigation and a "follow me" feature. While other quadcopters are more of a stunt drones that focuses on performing in air tricks such as a 360 flip and a tornado spin functionality.

Despite all the fun things one can do with a quadcopter, there are lots of things a quadcopter can be used for besides fun and games or recreational use.

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Aerial Photography

Drones with cameras are especially popular among photographers since it enables them to capture photos from high up without having to climb up to high places to do so or perhaps, paying for an expensive helicopter ride.

Aerial Videography

Of course, quadcopters with cameras means there's a chance for video capturing abilities to be possible; however, not all camera drones come with video capturing capabilities.

These quadcopters allow film makers to create stock footage, or get aerial footage for their shows or movies. Back then, one would have to get on a helicopter or do some special computer graphics animations and special effects to fake one out. With the introduction of aerial videography through the use of quadcopters, it significantly lowers the overall production costs.

Security and Surveillance

Drones are sometimes used for security purposes, such as monitoring whether or not someone is illegally crossing a border. Drones are perfect for this because they can be small and quiet since they'll be flying up reasonably high off the ground. Not only that, it doesn't attract a lot of attention.

Agriculture Drones

Some quadcopters are designed for agricultural applications to perform tasks such as counting the plants, monitoring the health status of the crops, field surveying, etc.

These drones are more complex in design due to the unique sensors and features needed for them to perform their tasks.

Drone Racing

With the introduction of VR headsets, people have been making good use out of it in terms of entertainment, and to make quadcopters even more fun to play with, why not combine the two? This concept was popularized and inspired from Star Wars. This can also be achieved with higher end camera drones with live video feed footage, but it just won't be as immersive when compared to a VR headset end-user experience.

Home Improvement and Construction

Some people use drones to get a bird's eye view of the property to see whether or not certain parts of the area needs renovation, such as whether or not the roof shingles need to be repaired and replaced. This also reduces safety risks since you don't need to climb up to high and dangerous places, especially in construction.

Swarm Intelligence

If you've seen Intel's drone performance at the Super Bowl, that is basically swarm intelligence in action. It is when, in this case drones, are in a large number work together to perform a certain task while making sure each drone is aware of one another's position.

Search and Rescue

Drones can be used for search and rescue missions. After all, most quadcopters nowadays comes equipped with a camera, and some even allows live footage being sent back to the pilot.

Package Delivery/Cargo Delivery

The idea behind this is to use drones to deliver products to their customers. This is great for small items that are lightweight. By using drones, it speeds up the delivery time since there is no need to wait in traffic, because cars are grounded, and commercial planes are thousands of feet off the ground. Amazon is one company that is taking advantage of drone technology for package delivery known as Amazon Prime Air.


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