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Things You Should Know About Formamide

Jun 14, 2017 0 comments
Things You Should Know About Formamide

What is Formamide?

Formamide, also known as methanamide CH3NO, is a industrial chemical compound often used to product or manufacture products for consumers. Its general purpose in the process is usually used to break down molecules.

It has other uses, but that is not the focus of this post.

A Brief Look at the Issue Back in 2010, France and Belgium banned EVA foam mats mainly because of formamide; however, it was later reversed in 2011 replaced with restrictions on formamide limits to < 200 mg/kg. Keep in mind that no other countries have banned or set up restrictions on Formamide. Recently, Australia conducted a test on Formamide in foam mats and found no health risks to humans. Please refer to the following link for reference:

What About eWonderWorld Wonder Mats? Do They Contain Formamide?

One of our many main priorities is to offer quality products and outstanding customer service, and with the safety of our customers in mind, we were aware of this issue early on.

All our mats pass and exceed all US Standards and Regulations. Our Wonder mats have not been specifically tested for Formamide as the emission is below the standard.

Our Taiwan manufacturer has informed us that our Formamide emission limit is 100/mg/kg which is under the limit set by France. However, in order to better serve our concerned customers, we have created Formamide Non-Detectable mats. Our Formamide Non-Detectable Mats are specifically tested for Formamide and our reports have found the emission to be not detected.

You can find the reports here:

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