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How to Replace the Wonder Chopper RC Stunt Drone Motor Guide

Step 1

Invert the drone upside down there will be 4 plastic clips on the arm of the motor gently pull the arms one by one until the shell of the drone is completely off. After the clips are off it should look like in the picture which is below the first image.

Step 2

Locate the wire of the LED light and gently detach the LED light wire from its connector so that way the body completely detaches. Then locate which motor you want to replace following the wire that leads to the connector remove the wire from the connector, it is imperative that you remove it gently.

Step 3

Once you have pulled out the wire grab the arm of the motor and gently pull it apart until you see in the image that it came off. Then once you have the new motor ready carefully put the motor wires on top of the motor arm before sliding the arm into the socket as shown in the last image above this step.

Step 4

After the arm has been installed re-connect the motor wire, after reconnecting the motor wire we will begin clipping on the shell of the drone so locate the LED wire that is attached on the body and re-connect the LED wire into its socket as shown in the image.

Step 5

After the re-connection of the LED light bring the drone body close then invert the drone upside down as you see in the images align the four quadrants and the plastic clips then gently push down on the clips until you hear a snap sound this will ensure the drone is attached to its body securely.

Step 6

Once the clips are fastened flip the drone to its proper position and you are ready to fly again! Congratulations you have just replaced the motor of the drone!

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