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eWonderWorld Product Creation Process in 5 Steps

Here at eWonderWorld, our motto is to produce and provide safe, high quality, and non-toxic toys to children around the world at an affordable price. In this article, we reveal the 5 basic steps that we take towards the entire process.

Step 1 - Product Designed in California

We design every one of our products in house. This also includes some of the packaging. We do this to ensure that the product is unique and high quality, as well as safe to play with. This also allows us to have more control towards what the final product will end up like.

Step 2 - Non-Toxic Materials

Many toys and products out there use toxic materials to create, since they are cheaper and easier to manufacture. However, here at eWonderWorld, we focus on your children's safety so we spend time to search for non-toxic materials and ingredients that will be used in our products.

Step 3 - Lab Testing

Don't just take our word for the safety and non-toxic claims that we make, check out our test reports. We have our products tested in labs to ensure that our products are indeed safe. We do our best to remain transparent, and one of the steps we take towards doing so is by providing our test reports available for you to see and download for reference here.

Step 4 - Quality Controlled

Like all businesses, we send our designs to manufacturers to have them mass produced. Because of this, not all products are created equally. There will be some faulty products along the way. We do detailed quality control checks to ensure that our products are at the best condition possible, otherwise, we won't sell it!

Step 5 - Parent Worthy, Kid Approved

Thanks to our past and current customers, we have been parent worthy and kid approved for over 30 years!

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