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8 Fun Ideas for the Wonder Parachute

Jun 09, 2017 0 comments
8 Fun Ideas for the Wonder Parachute

One of the products we have is the Wonder Parachute. The Wonder Parachute is the perfect toy for promoting group fun among kids. Here are 8 fun ideas for the Wonder Parachute!

Teeter-totter Pull: Have everyone sit down and have the kids pull the parachute back and forth in a see-saw motion.

Wave Maker: Have everyone grip the handles then move their arms up and down to make small and large waves.

Roll N Center: Place play balls in the parachute and have the children try to keep all balls in the center.

Lifting Chute: Have the children lift the parachute over their heads and down again, listening and feeling the breeze. Move the parachute faster and faster to hear the different sound effects.

Ring Around the Chute: Have each child hold parachute with one hand using the feel hand to balance run around in one direction. Then stop and change directions. Use music or words as cues for changing directions.

Chute Run: Have the children take turns running on the parachute while it is on the ground and the other children are making waves. See how long each child can maneuver through the waves before falling.

Catch ‘N Chute: Have each child lift parachute high over their heads from the ground while another child run underneath trying to make it from one side to another before the parachute comes down.

Parachute Tag: Have children lift parachute as high as they can, once parachute is at peak call out a child’s name. Have the child run from one side to another before the parachute comes down and tags them.

Word of Caution

• Do not use to jump off any objects. This is not a real parachute.

• Do not use near open flame or campfire.

• Do not lift children while on parachute.

• Do not roll children up inside parachute.

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